Five on Friday: My first attempt at yoga, and the bliss of restored A/C.

Five on Friday #coschedule

It’s been a full week over here at the Lotulelei hacienda! Here are a few thoughts about this past week…

1). Don’t take air conditioning for granted.

Since hubby started his summer job a few weeks ago, we have been putting the extra money towards things that have needed attention for a long time. Last week I shared that we had to replace our brakes which ended up being rather costly, and this week we charged up the A/C in our car. We have been driving around without any A/C for the past few months, and now that we have it again I cannot even tell you how incredibly beautiful air conditioning feels. Every time we get in the car I feel awash with gratitude that we now have this blessing. Nebraska has been uncommonly hot (for this early in the summer) the past few months, and even though air conditioning is not a need, we definitely missed it when we didn’t have it! I have arrived hot and sweaty to too many events, I have had presents melt while driving to Read more

On Learning to Roll with the Punches

Learning to Roll with the Punches

After eleven months of marriage I feel like I am finally starting to pull my life together, and figure out this post-college, married woman life.

I cast about for a few months after I finished classes in December, and took a few months where I did a whole lot of nothing (besides working, that is). Then I jumped into a melodrama which ate up my evenings, and weekends and felt like I was in college again (sans the homework and tests, hallelujah!).

Now that the melodrama is o’er, I have been getting into the routine that I have dreamed about for the past years. Up at 6, run or yoga (depending on the day), blog, drink coffee, do household duties, hang laundry on my clothes drying rack, make lunch and/or supper, go to work. Slowly, but surely, I am piecing my new life together. I have been crossing off things of my to-do list and many of the big ticket items (change my name, find insurance, get car insurance, register my new name with the post office) remain nothing but distant, uncomfortable Read more

Why You Should Never Puppy-Sit

IMG_7876 (2)

This past weekend, hubs and I took a weekend away.

We were house sitting for my parents while they were on a trip. We were, in fact, not only house sitting, but also pig sitting, puppy sitting, chicken/duck/goose/chick sitting, and plant sitting. To say we received a good amount of animal therapy is an understatement.

We spent the most amount of time with my family’s new rough collie puppy. She went everywhere with us for the weekend. We played with her, watched movies with her, took her on a few drives, and even slept with her beside us. It was, by all accounts, an idyllic couple of days full of puppy snuggles, walks in the country, and good food.

However, looking back on the weekend, we decided that puppy sitting was a bad, bad idea. Here’s why…

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Five on Friday: my very first planner, and meals in the garden.

Five on Friday

This past week really has felt like summer between bike rides to the farmer’s market, eating lettuce straight out of our garden, and early morning runs. Here are a few updates from our lives this past week!

1) The melodrama wrapped up.

For the past few months I have been finishing work at six, hopping in the car, and speeding my way to rehearsal. I was in a melodrama (in a local community group) with my sis, and cousin. We performed fourteen shows in three weeks, and finished our last performance this past Sunday. I do miss performing every night, but I have also been gleefully enjoying my evenings at home with my hubs again. We have been working on the apartment, enjoying our little garden, going on bike rides, and we even caught this week’s farmer’s market!

2) Car repairs are no fun.

This past week we had to repair our brakes which ended up being the most expensive car repair I’ve ever had. Eep! Can we just agree that sometimes adulting is a pain? As frustrating as it was to pay that big bill, we have been intentionally cutting down on other areas of our spending habits (I’m looking at you fast food) in order to pour money into the things that do matter: namely, transportation, our health, and saving for the future. Boring, but I feel so much better about our finances these days. On that note, hubs and I are starting Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University this next week, and I am so excited! I took the class back in high school (my brother and I went with our parents), but it has been well over a decade, and it will be my first time taking it with my new hubby.

3) I got my very first planner!

I have never really understand people’s obsession with planners. In college, I bought a big ol’ desk calendar, hung it on my wall, and color coded every rehearsal, assignment, and banquet. I am a visual person, and I liked being able to see my month at a glance. I still avidly use my desk calendar. However, I have been noticing the past few months that my to-do list has suffered. Without the structure of classes, homework, and grades I haven’t had the motivation to get everything done. I knew I needed a kick in the pants so I started researching planners, and after sifting through many options I chose a Plum planner (I will be writing a review of my planner this next week, so stay ‘tuned!). To say I love it, and it is helping me get my to-do list done is an understatement, but I will say it anyway: I’m on fire with this planner. Five on Friday

4) We ate our first meal out of the garden.

Our garden has been doing so well! We’ve been eating lettuce, and spinach every day! Remember back when we tilled it, and all the neighbors were laughing at us? Well, that rather embarrassing (yet humorous) experience has had a positive affect, because our neighbors seem to have developed a somewhat paternal feeling towards that little patch of ground. Our success as newlywed novices is, in fact, their success as well. So hubs will be out there weeding (ladies, marry a man who loves to weed. Seriously, it’s the best) or I will be out there watering, and the neighbors will come over to check out the garden, or comment that it is coming along nicely, with pride in their voice. They were, after all, involved in it from the very beginning.Five on Friday

5) I’m getting trounced in Scrabble by my android.

You guys. I discovered Classic Words (which is an app like Scrabble) while sitting backstage (this was after I discovered the baby generator, naturally). I consider myself to have a fairly broad vocabulary, and I love playing scrabble. At first, I whiled away many hours playing, and I always beat my ‘droid. Then, I upped the level from normal to hard. Since then, it has been nothing short of a blood bath. My android thinks it is so hilarious that now it not only beats me soundly, but also uses words to make fun of me. Lately, in our games, it has been beating me with words like: wimp, coward, and wuss. It is mocking me. I beat it on one glorious occasion, but haven’t been able to repeat that phenomenon. I am learning ALL the words with q’s and z’s in the hopes that I will soon be the victor.

What were the highlights of your week, friends? 

In Which my Baby Fever Gets the Best of Me, and I Use a Baby Generator


Ever since I started dating my hubs, I have wondered what our kids would look like.

We are about as opposite in appearance as you can possibly be.

He has curly black hair, dark brown eyes, brown skin, and a large, muscular build. I, on the other hand, have straight dark blonde hair, greenish blue eyes (never been able to decide what color my eyes are), very white skin, and a thin, very non-muscular build. Ha! I have googled Tongan-Caucasian babies, but very little comes up. Rather a rare combination I would guess.In Which my Baby Fever Gets the Best of Me, and I Use a Baby Generator

I figured I would just have to wait and see, but I was wrong! There exists a magical website that will take your pic + your hubby’s pic, and show you Read more

We Tilled Our First Garden (and almost wiped out our neighbor’s fence in the process)

IMG_7776 (2)

Last year, when I was wedding planning, I experienced the strangest nightmares.

On some nights, I would dream that my wedding dress was bright blue, and I would sob into the blueberry-colored tulle. On other nights, the wedding would have started already and my Mom and I would be making trip after trip to hurriedly get our to-do list done while the guests chatted away nervously.

I am glad to report that once the the big event was over I had no more wedding nightmares.

However, now I have nightmares about plants and pregnancy (no, I am not pregnant, but yes I do have baby fever).

Last night, I dreamed that I jumped out of bed to go check on our newly-planted garden: I grabbed my jacket, hurried down our balcony stairs, and crossed the expanse that is our backyard. Then I saw our prized little plants. Everyone looked perky and bright, but something was wrong–every plant was black as charcoal. I reached out to touch a tomato plant and it crumbled into a pile of dust that got carried away by the wind.
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2 Year Blogiversary and Changes to Expect at Dandelion Pie

2 YearBlogiversary+Giveaway

Two years ago I typed out my first post on Dandelion Pie.

Originally, I had planned on naming my blog Dandelion Champagne, because I loved the idea of taking something that many saw as worthless (dandelions = weeds) and transforming it into a bubbly, sparkly treat. I had never really imbibed champagne, but I was (and still am) romantic enough to love the symbolism regardless. However, the name I had hoped for was not available, and my family suggested I name my new blog Dandelion Pie. Which, in the end, is quite a bit more in line with the values I hold as a person (pie over champagne any day!). So Dandelion Pie was born.

I had wanted a blog for some time, and my brother set it up for me days before I had to leave for my summer job. I jumped in the car with my then-boyfriend and drove from Nebraska to Wyoming where we would spend the summer. I was living with my aunt and uncle and he lived next door. I spent the summer working as both an Electrician’s Apprentice and then ran a booth at the local farmer’s market while he worked as a lumberjack. I wrote many a blog post in those Wyoming mountains. That summer proved to be even more eventful than I would have imagined, because I returned to Nebraska engaged.

A lot has happened in my life since I began this blog two years ago. I have gotten engaged, started working as a Chiropractor’s assistant, got married, gone on my honeymoon, graduated from college, and struggled with baby fever. DP has grown up alongside me as I transitioned from single college girl to married young adult.

Dandelion Pie is getting a Makeover!

In the weeks to come, DP is going to be changing dramatically as I work with Sabra over at Midnight Photography and Design to create a new design. I have been dreaming about hiring a graphic designer to work with me for awhile, and I am so excited to reveal DP’s makeover in a few weeks!

I will also be transitioning to posting three times a week, and welcoming a few of my favorite bloggers to guest post on DP (If you are interested in writing a post for DP be sure to let me know via my contact form!).

Thank YOU for reading DP these past two years, and for all your sweet comments and shares. I read every comment you leave me, and I am so grateful for you!!

As a thank you, I am giving away gift cards to one lucky reader, because every birthday should include ice cream and coffee with friends, don’t you agree?

Is there a topic you would like me to cover on DP in the next few months? Budgeting? Gardening? Newlywed life? Let me know!

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Why We Keep Failing at Budgeting (and what I’m doing differently this month)

Why We Kept Failing at Budgeting #budget #money #blog #blogger #lifestyleblogger #moneyblog #moneyblogger

I used to be good at saving money.

In high school, I worked jobs simply because I enjoyed getting to know people, and I socked away every penny I earned. My parents provided for me, I wasn’t really into any hobbies that required much money, and so I just saved incessantly. I was good at saving. I was awesome with money! I even graduated from Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University with my parents. I had this money thing down! As a college sophomore, I felt pretty happy because I had a cool $17,000 in my bank account.

In Which I Learned I was not so good with money after all…

Then I entered the adult world. I began paying for my college. I took a trip to Maui to meet my Read more

4-Ingredient Slow Cooker Chicken Tacos

4-Ingredient Slow Cooker Chicken Tacos #recipe #taco #slowcooker #crockpot #easy #chickentaco #chickenthigh #budgetfriendly #budgetmeal

For the first six months of our marriage I bought many, many bags of chicken breast.

I would buy a big bag from the grocery store, use it up within a week, and go back for more. I eyed the chicken thighs that were so much cheaper but I did not know how to deal with them. So I stuck to the simple, boneless chicken breast. No mess. No fuss.

I was missing out.

Chicken thighs are incredibly inexpensive here. I frequently pick them up for 99 cents a pound at Read more

7 Reasons I Can’t Wait to See Moana

7 Reasons I Can't Wait to See Moana #disney #moana #ultrablog #blogger #lifestyleblog #polynesian #interracialmarriage

As a child, I wanted to be Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

I used to watch The Little Mermaid every afternoon, and I would beg my Mom to watch it with me. She would bring down her sewing or some other busy work and try to get a few things done while we watched this movie for the umpteenth time. To this day, one of my most listened-to stations on Pandora is Disney music. The magic has just never worn off for me no matter how many times I listen to the songs.

Once we have kids, I cannot wait to share all my favorite Disney princess movies with my daughters. And that is why I am so Read more